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Action C4 - Educational kit translations

LIFE GRECABAT becomes multilingual by speaking 4 different languages and reaching more people all around the world and especially countries of the Mediterranean basin. To achieve that aim, the fairy tale and selected parts of the educational kit were translated in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Below you will find pdf files with the fairy tale, the leaflet, the table exhibition and a short version of the teacher and student handouts created in the context of the project.

Translations were made under Action C4 (adaptation of the Action due to COVID-19) with the main aim to be utilized by various stakeholders or citizens involved with cave management and/or other bat roosts, for environmental education and information - awareness raising in Greece and abroad. It is expected to contribute to highlighting the importance of the cave habitat and bats by changing the attitude and behaviour of current and future cave managers, explorers, visitors and nature lovers in general.