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Iterative Questionnaire – Opinion Survey on Bats and Caves [Action D3]

LIFE GRECABAT conducts iterative social-environmental research on the attitudes of stakeholders and citizens towards bats, caves, cave organisms and other underground roosting sites.

The research concerns the quantitative and qualitative assessment of attitudes and behaviors.

The questionnaire is addressed to five different groups:

• People or officers involved (indirectly or directly) on species and habitat management (e.g. public bodies or NGOs)

• Scientists and specialized visitors of caves

• Tourism and education professionals

• Occasional visitors / tourists of caves

• The wider Population

At the same time, participants have the option to provide some open answers where they can express their opinion in detail.

The collected answers will be analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively, with the aim of capturing participants’ attitudes and perceptions and recording potential changes (measuring the impact of the LIFE GRECABAT project) in relation to the initial data collected via a survey during 2019-2020 in the context of preparatory actions of the project. The results/conclusions of the research will be part of the project’s deliverables and reports.

In this context, we invite you to fill in the corresponding questionnaire, which requires a few minutes of your time. The questionnaire is anonymous. Any personal information collected (e.g. emails) will be used exclusively to contact and inform you about the LIFE GRECABAT project and will not be used for any other purpose.

The questionnaire is distributed exclusively in electronic format to those interested in contributing to the research objectives of the LIFE GRECABAT project.

Please follow the link below to complete the questionnaire:

Thank you very much for your participation. Your opinion is valuable to us.


(!) The survey will remain open until 17 February 2024