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Successful Organization of a Two-Day Educational Activities workshop of the LIFE GRECABAT Project in Kleitoria

The LIFE GRECABAT Project (LIFE17NAT/GR/000522) " Greek Caves and Bats: Management Actions and Change of Attitude" and the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) of Kleitoria-Akrata successfully co-organized a two-day workshop for the LIFE GRECABAT project’s educational activities, with the theme: "Environmental Education for the Hidden Greek Nature". The workshop was held on November 22 and 23, 2023 at the premises of CEE of Kleitoria-Akrata, in Kleitoria. The two-day workshop was addressed to the area’s Primary and High School teachers and students.

Specifically, on the morning of November 22nd, teachers and students of the 4th, 5th, 6th Grades of the Kleitoria Primary School attended a series of presentations by the LIFE GRECABAT project team regarding a brief introduction to our project, which is dedicated to caves and bats, hidden Greek nature and cave biodiversity and ‘our flying relatives’. Then, the students, divided into two groups, had the opportunity to participate in experiential workshops and activities of the project’s educational kit and .com/watch?v=3Qkk7OIV_SY&t=158s, the content of which is a deliverable of our project. The hands-on workshops included observation and identification of invertebrate species in the Centre’s stereoscopes and presentation of the bat species identification process through ultrasound recording. All actions were implemented by the scientific team of LIFE GRECABAT.

Corresponding presentations and actions were held on the morning of November 23d for teachers and students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grades of Kleitoria High School.

On the afternoon of November 22nd, an In-School Education and Environmental Education Seminar was organized, as part of the two-day workshop, with participants from primary and secondary school teachers of Kleitoria, Kalavryta, Psofida, Dafni and Skepastos, as well as officers from the Management Units of Protected Areas.

In the context of the seminar, the Head of CEE Kleitorias-Akratas presented the Center's actions, as well as the program they implement at the Limnon Cave. Afterwards, experts of the LIFE GRECABAT project team made presentations on the main information of the project, the hidden Greek nature and biodiversity of the caves, the ‘flying relatives’, while the content of the educational kit was also presented. The seminar ended with the reading of the fairy tale "Shhhh, during the day I’m sleeping" by CEE Kleitorias-Akratas staff, which was produced as part of our project.

Finally, all the teachers and students who participated in the two-day workshop had the opportunity to tour the cave habitat and learn about cave life through the cave’s virtual reality (VR) application index.php/el/news-articles/311.