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Action Α2 – Technical Studies : Caves

The aim of Action A2 is to prepare the implementation of the concrete conservation action “C1: Protection, management and restoration of caves and other important roosting sites for bats” of the project Life-Nature: «Greek Caves and Bats: Management Actions and Change of Attitude» - LIFE17 NAT/GR/000522, providing the necessary technical details and specifications that are required for their successful implementation.

In this deliverable the technical study for small scale infrastructure works in 8 selected caves is presented. The technical study contains detailed measurements, drawings and technical specifications in accordance to the most recent relevant international literature and practices.The assessment of the required materials, machinery, man-days and the description of the works is completed with the total costing of each project site separately.

The selected caves are:Polyphimos Cave (GR1130008), ZestaNera Cave (GR1260007), Limnon Cave (GR2320009), Za Cave (GR4220014), Tzanis Cave (GR4340008), Psimaki Cave (GR4340010), Spilaiovarathro Cave (GR1240001), Aliartos Sinkhole (GR2410001), located all inside NATURA 2000 network. The above caves were selected due to their importance cave habitats as well as important roosting sites for bats at national level and their pressures and threats.

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