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Action D1: Updated detailed monitoring plan

The present deliverable constitutes the updated and detailed monitoring plan of the project Life – Nature: “Greek Caves and Bats: Management Actions and Change of Attitude (GRECABAT) - LIFE17 NAT/GR/000522, which was carried out in the framework of the Action D1. The initial "Project monitoring plan" submitted in February 2019 while the "Detailed project monitoring plan" was ready in September 2020. The object of this deliverable is to ensure that project actions will have a concrete, measurable and with a clear benefit output for the targeted bat species and habitat 8310. Thus, the Chapter 2 gives some definition about the concept, the need and the general framework of the project monitoring plan, the Chapter 3 describes the methodology used, the Chapter 4 presents the monitoring results and the Chapter 5 includes the discussion and conclusions of the monitoring results. Finally, at the end there is annex with all the relative information used (e.g. tables, charts etc). The monitoring methodology involved two types of indicators: those measuring the programme progress and those measuring the actions success per aim. Thus, a comparison of (1) actions’ expected results, (2) actions’ timetable, (3) deliverables, (4) deliverable submission dates (based on the initial Grant Agreement and subsequent Grant Agreement Amendments) and (5) milestones has been done. So far it appears that of the total of 22 actions 68,18% are ongoing, 5 of them have already been completed (100% success) while 2 (Actions D5, D6) have not yet started. Among the actions being implemented, four (4) are overdue to be completed on time (Actions A3, C1, C2, C5).

However, three (3) of these four (4) actions (A3, C2, C5) are 50% complete. The partner in charge for the project "Updated detailed monitoring plan" implementation is ATEPE. 

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