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Action E1 - Educational kit of LIFE GRECABAT

The LIFE GRECABAT Educational kit contains educational activities for elementary and secondary school children. It is thematically adapted to the objectives and actions of the LIFE17 NAT / GR / 000522 - LIFE GRECABAT project ("Greek Caves and Chiropractors: Management Actions and Behavior Change") - a deliverable of the project. The contents of the kit are related to the habitat of land caves, the relations of bats and cave invertebrates to their environment, the effect of human activities but also the need to maintain the functionality of natural ecosystems. The material has been designed based on the specifications of the IEP (Institute of Educational Policy) and has been approved and licensed for implementation based on the prerequisites described in the relevant document Φ1 / ΜΚ / 100308/4828 / Δ7 / 15-01-2021 of the Ministry of Education.