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Action C3 - Report on the stenoendemic species of cave invertebrates and caves in the NATURA 2000 areas of Greece

This report summarizes the updated knowledge of the cave fauna and distribution of habitat 8310 in Greece, and lists data for all stenoendemic and habitat-charactristic species of cave invertebrates recorded in Natura 2000 sites.

As a basis for the data included here, the Cave Fauna of Greece Database of Hellenic Institute of Speleological Research was used, where the bibliography for each species and cave is detailed. In the lists and their commentary are included only species whose taxonomic status is considered valid. The distribution of all species was checked by reviewing papers published up to the first half of 2019. In a few cases scientific reports were used and in even fewer, data from the LIFE-GRECABAT project.

The report was drawn up in the framwork of the preparation of actions A3 and C3 of the LIFE GRECABAT project aiming at documenting as fully as possible the habitat 8310 and the cave species in the Special Environmental Studies and Management Plans that are currently being drawn up for all Natura 2000 areas of the country.