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Bat Night at the "house of the keeper of the salt marshes" in the area of Angelochori

International Bat Night at the house of the keeper of the salt marshes in Angelochori

The Bat Night organized (as part of the "International Bat Night") by the Management Unit of Protected Areas of Central Macedonia / NECCA ( outside “the house of the keeper of the salt marshes” and in the surrounding area of the Aggelochori Lagoon was successfully completed on Monday afternoon, August 22, 2022.

The attendees had the opportunity to:

1. To get acquainted with the Protected Area of the Natura 2000 network "Angelochori Lagoon" by Dr. Lydia Alvanou (National Park Axios Delta-Ludia-Aliakmon National Park, Management Unit of Protected Areas of Central Macedonia / NECCA),

2. To learn about the echolocation of bats, from Dr. Ioanna Salvarina.

3. To learn about "The secrets of bats", by Dr. Panagiotis Georgiakakis (Scientific Officer of LIFE GRECABAT from the University of Crete - NHMC).

4. To enjoy the reading of the fairy tale of Vasilis Hatzirvasanis "Shhh! During the day I’m sleeping" for children by Panagiota Gidaris (Life GRECABAT’s Fairy Tale   

This was followed by a hiking trip to the area of the salt marshes to observe and record bats with special scientific equipment (bat detectors).

The "International Bat Nights" have been taking place for the last 25 years in more than 30 countries, coordinated by UNEP/EUROBATS, with the aim of raising awareness and informing people about bats, these remarkable but also "misunderstood" mammals, all protected by National and European legislation.