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Action E2: Virtual Cave Exploration Application

For the first time in Greece, a multimedia virtual reality application was created to present the cave habitat and life in caves. The aim of this particular action was to create an alternative way to demonstrate/present cave habitat without the physical presence of visitors inside caves. Through the app, the user has the opportunity to briefly experience the joy of exploring a cave and the life it hosts.

A realistic digital model of a hypothetical cave was created using photogrammetry from visual material collected from two caves: the Paleomylos (Akraefnio, or Aliartos) sinkhole in Boeotia and the Okso Latsidi cave in Sitia in Eastern Crete. Photographic textures from the shots were incorporated into the digital model and gaps and discontinuities were corrected with the intervention of a special 3D artist.

Rich audiovisual material and information about the cave habitat and the life it hosts was incorporated into the application. The user has the possibility to explore the cave with the help of the virtual life detection device "Life scanner N2000" in which the following are reproduced according to his position: bat ultrasounds transformed into the audible range by a special detection device (bat detector), macro shots of cave invertebrates, photos and videos of bats and their colonies.

The application is demonstrated at three selected information centres (Cave of Lakes at Kastria of Acaia, Pozar Baths at Loutraki of Pella and NHMC exhibition in Heraklion, Crete). The application will also be available via the project website together with installation instructions on stand-alone virtual reality devices (VR headsets).

Application files:

Gameplay of short version:

Gameplay of free roam version:

Promotional Videos: