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A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans 

A1: Inventory of target bat species and habitat 8310 at the selected sites 

A2: Technical studies and tender documents 

A3: Elaboration of species and habitat Action Plans 

A4: Initial monitoring of stakeholders’ attitude and behaviour 

C. Conservation actions 

C1. Protection, restoration and management of important roosting sites for bats 

C2: Establishment of an early warning monitoring system for habitat 8310 and important bat colonies 

C3: Cave micro reserves 

C4: Change the attitude and behaviour of stakeholders 

C5: Establishment of volunteer network for habitat 8310 and important bat colonies. 

D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (obligatory) 

D1: Project monitoring plan 

D2: Monitoring the effect of project actions on target species and Habitat 8310. 

D3: Monitoring the change of attitude and behaviour of local stakeholders 

D4: LIFE - Performance indicators of the project 

D5: Socio-economic impact of the project actions 

D6: Assessment on the ecosystem function restoration 

E. Public awareness and dissemination of results (obligatory) 

E1: Information and awareness raising activities 

E2: Technical dissemination activities 

E3: Multiplying the impacts of the project 

F. Project management (obligatory) 

F.1: Project operation and management / project management by UoC 

F2: Quality control and risk management 

F3: Training of project beneficiaries 

F4: Production of an a “After-LIFE Conservation Plan”