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A1: Inventory of target bat species and habitat 8310 at the selected sites 

The action aims to make an inventory of the existing situation in selected sites for the targeted species and habitat type. There are two reasons for the implementation of this inventory: 

(1) The recording of a situation prior to the implementation of the conservation actions in order to be able to assess their effectiveness. 

(2) Determination of features of bat species colonies (location, composition, populations) and habitat type that are critical to the final design of concrete actions (technical specifications and synergy with actions A2, C1, C2, E1, E2). 

A2: Technical studies and tender documents 

The aim of Action A2 is to prepare the application of actions C and E in synergy with the action A1 featuring: (1) detailed technical specifications of the project, (2) preparation of tender documents for the actions’ implementation. 

A3: Elaboration of species and habitat Action Plans 

The aim of the action is to strengthen the institutional framework for the protection and conservation of targeted species and the cave habitat through the preparation of 2 Action Plans for the bats and the habitat that will be submitted for acceptance to the responsible authorities of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. 

The preparation of the Action Plans will be based on international literature and on data such as natural history of he species and the caves, pressures and threats, conservation status, relevant international and national legislation. 

A4: Initial monitoring of stakeholdersattitude and behaviour 

The action aims to capture and analyze the current attitude and behavior of the stakeholders involved, in relation to the caves (and other underground shelters), cave life and their management. 

The monitoring will be through questionnaires and interviews with all the groups of involved stakeholders. The repetition of the survey at the end of the project (Action D3) will capture changes following the implementation of the program's actions.