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LIFE GRECABAT at the Pozar Baths

The integration of LIFE GRECABAT project in the reception of the Alexandrian Hydrotherapy Centre of the Pozar Baths near Spilaiovaratho cave was successfully completed last week. The integration included:

  • installation of a TV screen for the projection of the audiovisual material of the program (,
  • installation of two specially designed environmental interpretation panels
  • providing and demonstration of the use of the stand-alone VR device (Headset, controlers and headphones) for virtual cave exploration ( and
  • presentation and providing of a suitcase with the environmental education material of the program

The integration was carried out in the framework of the Action E2 "Technical dissemination activities" of the project. We would like to thank the personel of the Municipal Enterprise of the Pozar Baths and the Municipality of Almopia for their cooperation. Visitors of POZAR Baths will from now on have the opportunity to learn about the cave habitat and bats through the available information material and equipment.

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