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Teleconferences with stakeholders / Introductory Presentations

The aim of action C4 is to improve [or change] the attitude and behaviour of the involved social partners towards bats, caves, cave life and their management. For this purpose, a series of teleconferences are organized (with informative lectures and organized thematic discussions) to  exchange views and record faced problems.

The LIFE GRECABAT teleconferences of Action C4 are scheduled to take place separately for 10 distinct spatial units of Greece until the summer of 2022 and replace a series of two-day events that are impossible to plan with the conditions of the pandemic we are experiencing. In order to make these meetings less tedious and more effective, we decided to prepare a series of 4 introductory videos that introduce the participants to the scope of these teleconferences, the project and its actions.

We suggest you watch the following presentations prior to participating in the video conferences:

General information (partners, duration, funding, objectives) for the LIFE GRECABAT project and the LIFE Programs:

  • Introduction to the LIFE GRECABAT project, its actions and a brief review of the relevant environmental legislation:

  • Biology and ecology of bats and their habitat management:

  • Caves and cave fauna: particularities, importance and conservation actions:

[Important note: About 9 'of this presentation is dedicated to the detailed presentation of the caves selected by the program, from 6'14' 'to 14'58' ']