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International Bat Night at Mount Olympus

Information event about bats and their importance, walking to observe and hear them

Location: Refuge “Dimitrios Boundolas” or “Stavros”, Mount Olympus
Date: 31st of August at 18:00 pm
Organizer: Lalitsa Non Govermental Organization

The participants will meet around 6pm at the Refuge “Dimitrios Boundolas” or “Stavros” at an altitude of 940m  where an information event about bats and their importance will be conducted by Dr. Ioanna Salvarina, Biologist, who will also explain about bat acoustic monitoring and will demonstrate scientific equipment used for that purpose. An open discussion, where a lot of misconceptions about bats will be corrected and talk about good practices will follow.

During sunset, the participants will have the privillege to enjoy the great view, while walking around the Refuge using acoustic bat monitoring equipment and smartphones with the echometer module that transforms them in bat detectors. They will hopefully detect bats, observe them, listen to them and record their calls, ending their bat night, at Enipea's Canyon, near Litochoro where they will observe them flying close to the river.

The event will be hold mainly in Greek but with translation in English or/and German, if necessary.