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Psimaki Cave

Due to the importance of the area for bats, its extension has been proposed and approved (while the ministerial decision is pending). The expansion of the area is based on the importance of this particular position for bat species (number, rarity, long-term survival and ensuring of good status of recorded species) in order to enhance the capacity of the National as well as the Natura 2000 Network. The Psimaki cave is between the 15 most important bat colonies of Greece where 6 bat species listed in Annex of the Habitat Directive have been monitored (Miniopterus schreibersii, Myotis blythii, Myotis capaccinii, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Rhinolophus hipposideros, Rhinolophus blasii).
The lake of Kournas is the only natural freshwater lake in Crete. The whole freshwater system (lake, marshes, Almyros stream and estuary) is one of the most important in the east Mediterranean region. Drapano peninsula is a presently undisturbed area in need of protection. The place is unique along Crete, because of the presence of Euphorbia dendroides formations and Phoenix theophrastii stands.