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From its very beginning, the study of cave life had benefited the most from non-professional speleologists, as their courage and dedication enabled them to gather information from places inaccessible to most researchers.

On the other hand, the lack of awareness and special training sometimes causes degradation of the underground environment by cavers, where pressures and threats from third parties, needed to be addressed immediately, are often overlooked and remain unreported.


Aiming to enhance Citizen Science and to raise awareness among speleologists and other naturist, LIFE GRECABAT implements Action " C5: Establishment of volunteer network for habitat 8310 and important bat colonies ", which includes:


1. The training of cavers through specially designed seminars.


2. There supply of caving groups with bat detectors and data logging systems specially designed and constructed to monitor cave environmental conditions


3. The development of an application for smartphones & tablets and for web browsers. The application ( gives LIFE GRECABAT volunteers the opportunity to collect information about life in caves and other bat shelters (mines, buildings, etc.).

The application is based on an xml file, which together with the accompanying files are freely available and can be modified for own use by anyone interested.



Bat and cave fauna survey form

Press "Survey" to go to the survey URL
Press "Directions" to open the directions file.
Press "XML" to download the from xml and accompanying files